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Market Prophit solves the “biggest” problem plaguing the retail crypto investment community: “Who do you trust in social media?”. How do you measure the reputation of a source in social media? We are the first and only platform that quantitatively and objectively scores and ranks financial bloggers who post messages in social media about crypto currencies. Our scores are not based on popularity or other common social metrics (likes, shares, followers, etc.). Popularity doesn’t necessarily translate into performance. Investors care about one thing: track record of performance. We identify those message posters whose crypto calls hypothetically generated both positive and negative returns. This allows users of our platform to quickly and automatically identify the “smart money” (Market Prophits) in social media. We do the research so you don’t have to.

The second key feature of our platform is that we have two sentiment signals: CROWD and Market Prophit. The CROWD is the overall, crowd-sourced sentiment in social media about a crypto. The Market Prophit sentiment signal (“Smart Money”) comes from only those message posters who we score and rank. The Market Prophit sentiment signal filters out the noise in social media (especially when it strongly disagrees with the CROWD) since it focuses on performance. At these times, it is an additional interesting additional data point for users of the platform to note when researching a crypto. These 2 main features of our platform are what separates us from everyone else.

Market Prophit levels the playing field between Main Street and Wall Street.