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Want to become a Market Prophit and help build your reputation as an influential financial blogger in the social media-sphere who boasts the highest quality crypto content and potentially get more brand awareness? There are several very straightforward steps to get a Market Prophit Rank. Our scores and ranks are objective and do not depend on popularity or the number of followers you have or other social metrics. Social metrics don’t necessarily translate into performance. Performance is what investors care about. We exclusively rank the performance of your “crypto calls” and how accurate and predictive you are. For now, we are ranking bloggers on Twitter only. We will soon be ranking everyone in other social channels.

Remember: you can get a negative score and that will lower your Market Prophit rank and therefore results in a lower reputation score when compared to other bloggers in the social-media-sphere. Our users are watching and care about the highest reputation. Wouldn’t you?

So here are some simple steps to follow to get a Market Prophit Rank:

1) You must Tweet from Twitter. You aren’t able to do so from our platform

2) We only process crypto-related Tweets so make sure you reference at least one crypto ticker in your Tweet

3) Make sure you put a “$” in front of the crypto ticker you are mentioning

4) Tweet your message in English, write clearly and simply express your opinion as to whether you are bullish or bearish the ticker(s) you are tweeting about. Note: Our Natural Language Processing engine is highly sophisticated and can understand a large variety of crypto-specific and trading-related language

5) Tweet often. You need to be a frequent and consistent contributor in order to be considered for a ranking by our engine. Our ranking algorithms have strict criteria to ensure reliability and to be able to identify those bloggers with the highest quality content. As a result of these rules, we don’t rank everyone

6) And most importantly of all, Tweet the most predictive market insights about cryptos to get the highest rankings (i.e. the more accurate you are in making your crypto calls and the earlier you are in your predictions of whether a crypto is going to rise or fall, the higher the chance that you will achieve a high Market Prophit Rank). Give your honest crypto advice. Our engine is watching you. Note: There are many proprietary factors that go into our ranking algorithms.